Whos' Quacking What Jokes

Tweeting all feathered friends, this eggsciting day out on the river is for you hoo!
The feather is forecast warm and sunny.
You'd be Quackers to miss it.
Have dabble, fly to get yourself in the race today

Q.  Why did the Duck cross the road?
A1. To show he wasn't chicken ... quack quack!
A2. To see his flat mate! ... quack quack quack!

Q.  "..'ere, did you hear about the two scottish ducks waddling down the road..??"
       One said "quack"
       The other said "I'm going as quack as I can"

Q.   What do you get when you cross a duck with a firework? 
A.   A firequacker!

DUCK - where? - OUCH !!!!

Pay up now you  ..... duck??
 ...or you'll be facing an enormous bill...??

....... so two ducks in a hotel room. 
        Have you got condoms?
        oh no I forgot, I'll get some from reception.
        Reception: 'Yes we have condoms - shall I put it on your bill?'
        Quack quack quack!!

Q.   What did the duck say when he dropped the dishes ??
A.    "I hope I didn't quack any..!!"

 Q.  What's a ducks favourite Chinese snack??? 
A.    Prawn quackers!